Press Release Temp Tabs - Natural

All Dental ProdX.

Press release
December 2011

All Dental ProdX announces the first production of their new
Temp Tabs - Natural, a tooth colored and bio-compatible version of their Temp Tabs - True Blue.  
Thermoplastic Temp Tabs are used for chair side night guards, implant placement stents, bite registration, implant abutment jigs and other uses.

Temp Tabs - Natural will permit daytime wear for bruxism patients and can be used as a space maintainer for healing after implant surgery.  They are sold in packages of 72 Tabs and are available through your dental dealer.

Temp Tabs - Natural is the third member of the thermoplastic family at All Dental ProdX. Temp Tabs - True Blue and the larger wafer, Bite Buddy complete this  product group.