"Like the 60 million other Americans who need a nightguard*, I grind and clench - day and night - don't even know I am doing it a lot of the time. Only 10 million nightguards are made every year*?

I have paid a lot of money ($600-$700 a pop) for lab guards and choked on the impressions to make them, gagged on trying to wear them, gotten them ‘adjusted’ at yet again more dental office appointments and then given up when I misplaced them and the dog found them first.

I have now worn, placed and re-placed my Temp Tabs ‘Night ’n Day’ Guard for next to nothing in cost and for the last two years I waved ‘good-bye’ to headaches, jaw aches, neck pain and interrupted sleep.

For every clencher out there without a nightguard - all 50 million of you - ask your dentist for a Temp Tabs ‘Night 'n Day’ Guard!"

*Patient was given CRA’s estimates concerning nightguards!